Comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs

This is our core business. Our diverse staff of seasoned professionals passionately care about outcomes. We live and work in the communities of Northeast Colorado, and we are dedicated to delivering knowledgeable and effective services to our employers and clients, who are also our neighbors.

A best-in-class EAP must be an employee and an employer assistance resource. The value of confidential counseling for employees and family members can be multiplied many times over if the organization and EAP develop a strategic partnership to address job performance problems, conflict between individuals and teams, work stress and critical incidents (among others).

WorkWise employs eleven doctoral and masters level therapists who have extensive experience working in an employee assistance environment. Every employee and family member who calls WorkWise receives thoughtful attention from our front office staff and is scheduled to be seen within three days or sooner in cases of crisis.

Employees and family members consult with us on a wide variety of issues including:

  • Family or marital relationships
  • Difficulties with a child
  • Stress reactions
  • Relocation
  • Serious illness
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression and anxiety disorders
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Financial and legal problems
  • Work-related problems

When it would be a hardship for a client to come to one of our offices we arrange for an appointment with a carefully vetted associate therapist in another location.

Many EAPs (especially those that are affiliated with insurance companies) maintain extensive lists of approved providers. At first glance this may seem like a good idea. But think about quality control. The fact is, these lists are created by administrators who don’t even meet the clinicians but rely on information from an application form such as the applicant’s claimed “specialties” and zip code location. As WorkWise has grown over the years we have reviewed hundreds of applications and interviewed dozens of prospective colleagues. Our staff is comprised of exceptionally skilled therapists with a broad range of specialties and welcoming spirit.

For a variety of reasons it can be in a client’s best interest to be seen elsewhere. To meet this need we use a deliberately small number of other behavioral health specialists in the area. These are professionals we know and trust to work effectively with specific populations and issues. In short, you and your employees are assured that they will see an experienced professional who is well matched to their needs. We feel so strongly about this we encourage new clients to let us know if they would like to try out a different counselor. It doesn’t come up often but when it does, their first session is not counted toward the benefit limit.

One more reason to choose WorkWise as your EAP provider: In our contracts that cover family members, we are to our knowledge the only employee assistance service in the U.S. that includes the parents of employees and the parents of their spouses or partners. What matters to employees matters to us.

Performance Enhancements

We all know that job performance issues frequently are related to or caused by poor attitude, poor interpersonal skills or other personal problems.

Employers mandate employees to WorkWise for performance improvement counseling when their best efforts haven’t turned the situation around. The first step is for us to gather information from supervisors and HR, and strategize our collaboration. The next step is to jointly meet with the employee so there are no misunderstandings about the stakes involved, the employer’s expectations and the parameters of the mandate. Typically, 3-6 individual sessions follow. We maintain close communication with the appropriate people and do whatever else is necessary to promote a successful outcome.

Human Resource Directors and business owners consistently report that one of their greatest frustrations is dealing with employees who don’t get along with each other, negatively impacting workplace morale and team effectiveness.

Our proprietary Summit Mediation model is innovative, has a high rate of success and is cost-effective.

There is a place for traditional mediation methods, especially when there are complex organizational issues that need to be unraveled. But what if, when all is said and done, “issues” are really red herrings? In those cases, typical mediation efforts are expensive and probably doomed.

The goal of the Summit process is to help adversaries co-exist with less rancor and more cooperative attitudes. We don’t focus on the black hole of gripes; nor are victories measured in negotiated but hollow agreements. The employer’s role is similar to that described in the previous section regarding performance improvement counseling. In our experience most people want to resolve conflicts and respond well to the Summit process, which builds on the individuals’ strengths and capacities for good will.

Everyone has had the sinking feeling of being trapped in a seminar, retreat or training program that entirely misses the mark. Everything we do is tailored to our clients’ needs, with input from the appropriate people. Depending on the circumstance, this may involve touching base with one or two individuals, all the way to conducting a full-scale systems analysis, coordinated with key leaders.

Examples of our work in this area include:

  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Employee focus groups
  • Leadership development
  • Reducing absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Practical stress management tools
  • How to help people with addiction or mental health problems
  • Preventing workplace violence or sexual harassment
  • Work-life balance
  • Conflict resolution and team building

When traumatic events occur there’s not much time to organize and deploy an expert response team.

WorkWise has facilitated critical incident debriefings for a wide range of employee groups and communities traumatized by natural disasters, sudden deaths, incidents of workplace violence and other tragic events.

We also can help your organization prepare for critical incidents. Then, when something really bad happens, we are already on the same page. Together we can quickly respond to the immediate needs of your employees.